I wonder what your automatic response to this headline is?

“I hope not”

Is the most common response I get from working parents. They look back at the ‘old days’ of pre pandemic life, of the commutes and the lack of flexibility and truly do not know how they did it.

What we all learned through the pandemic is that knowledge workers can do the job from home. We learned that zoom overload was a real thing and that placing healthy boundaries between work and home time was critical to our wellbeing. Let’s be honest we learned a lot. Millions, especially women, left the workplace, and those that didn’t and have been able to have bravely questioned the old assumptions of what ‘Good Employee’ looks like.

The long and short of it is that working parents do not want work to be the same. They want organisations, as many have (see our many posts that shout out gold standard practices) to embrace flexibility and capture the more humanness that many experienced during the pandemic (cue puppies on laps and children on the screen).

Rethinking the role of the office is the topic of the moment. We would like to see rethinking the wellbeing of all employees and especially those with caring responsibilities to also be on top of the agenda.

We help organisations to do this, sharing best practices and using our unique Depth Coaching approach. If you would like to find out more please get in touch.