Who we are

Advocates. Experts. Pioneers. And Working Parents

Established in 1997, we have been coaching for over 20 years and specialise in coaching working parents and internal coaching networks.

The Working Parent Company came about because we were tired of lacklustre, out-of-the-box attempts to deal with parents returning to work and with the ‘sad story’ narrative that accompanied them. This is because we believe that working parents are remarkable.

Coaching with The Working Parent Company has been a real asset to my whole company. You are paying for emotional resilience and a robust leader and that is a fantastic investment.

We all know parenthood changes us; on the one hand it can make us feel smaller, more vulnerable and less like ourselves, but on the other we can feel purposeful, committed and more energised than ever before. We have seen time and again how new capacities emerge when people’s transition back to work is well managed.

They are generous in what they do, really advocate for their clients in and out of the session and flex their style, pace and programmes to truly be led by what is most helpful – a breath of fresh air!

As parents ourselves, we know it’s important to be deliberate about where we put our time and energy. We help clients become more conscious, more powerful and resilient, and more able to access their best selves no matter what obstacles spring up.