Our approach

Working parents are remarkable. Their potential is enormous, and they can be the most ambitious leaders in your organisation.

But there’s a problem. Traditional coaching for maternity and paternity support is too linear and inflexible.

Things like significant life transition, changes in identity and shifts in workplace perception often mean the traditional approach simply doesn’t work.

We know because we’ve tried. We imagine you know because you’ve tried too.

As experienced executive coaches, we’ve worked with thousands of senior working parents. We know that coaching during significant life transitions requires something deeper and more sustainable.

We decided to change the model.

We call it Depth Coaching. It’s the next generation of coaching, drawing from the fields of therapy, traditional coaching and mindfulness.

Therapy helps us look back, mindfulness helps us focus on the present and coaching enables us to look to the future.

The blend of all three creates a powerful transformational experience and significantly raises the quality of the coaching conversation.

If your organisation is genuinely committed to putting working parents in senior leadership roles (and keeping them there) – resourced, robust and ready to be remarkable – let’s talk.

Ready to try a new depth of coaching for transformational results?