Dear Working Parent,

You may be asking why would you choose an executive coach who specialises in working parents over a regular executive coach?

We understand. We have been exclusively coaching working parents in the UK since 1998, and still there is confusion about what a working parent coach does, and how and whether it is different to executive coaching.

We have heard this confusion many times. Do you help with breastfeeding? (sorry – no.) Can you give advice on childcare options? (from a support network perspective, yes.), Can you help my child sleep through the night ? (sorry nope but we know a man/woman who can).

A lot of the confusion is due to the word ‘parent’. It has us think of parenting training or a parent coach maybe? This is not what we do.

First and foremost, we are executive coaches. Experienced, senior, executive coaches, all accredited and critically, all with depth psychological training that underpins our work. We come from corporate backgrounds and work with senior leaders and leaders of high potential in stretch sectors and roles. Frankly, where being a working parent is tough.

We are definitely not a ‘less than’ option just because we have ‘working parent’ in our title and neither are the working parents who choose us. Choosing to work with an executive coach who specialises in working with working parents is a really smart idea – if you are a working parent, that is…

Where we are different is that we are all specifically trained in working with parents as well as with leaders. We see all of you when you walk in the room. You, your role, your leadership, your children, your family, your energy, your work team, your support network (or lack of it).

We are experts in attachment theory and what it takes to raise thriving families when we work and we are experts in transitions, which all working parents know about. We are trained to increase agency in our clients, to help our clients make meaningful and helpful shifts in their lives, to reorientate and reshape a new identity as a working parent.

We coach around confidence, balance, change, resilience, visibility, boundaries, leadership, advancement. Your stuck points, your inner critic, your imposter syndrome, your strengths. We coach systemically and are as interested in the system that surrounds you as we are in you – what does your team need you to learn and what does your organisation need most from you.

And we love this work because we believe working parents are remarkable and bringing up the next generation is a responsibility that does not get enough credit or enough support and being a working parent should not be a barrier to success or as hard as it is.


The Working Parent Company