What we do

The difference between this coaching and other coaching I have had is immeasurable… In contrast to other coaching where you walk away at the end and perhaps forget what you’ve talked about, or you can’t apply any of it in real life, the impact here hits as soon as you leave the room because it forces you to look at things differently. You step away from fascinating theory and things start to change immediately.

Our coaching programmes

Our programmes are fully systemic, professionally supervised, comprehensively reviewed and strengths based. They fully hear and respect the organisation’s voice.

We’ve thrown out the rule book. No more rigid programmes; instead we work until the work is done. We ask our clients to dig deep – learn who you are and what you stand for, explore your legacy, be a force for good in your family and teams, your organisation and communities. Live according to your priorities with deliberate conscious energy.

One-to-one depth coaching

We work one-to-one in the most impactful way with senior working parents and exceptional emerging talent. We have a range of innovative leadership coaching programmes.

Vision days

A deep-dive one-to-one coaching experience to refresh and build a meaningful future vision for life as a working parent. It can be standalone or as part of a longer-term one-to-one programme.

Group depth coaching

Transformational group programmes that harness the power of the group and enable communities of working parents to thrive at critical transition points.

Internal coaching networks

Consultancy, training and professional supervision via your existing internal coaching networks to equip your coaches to be a powerful resource for your working parents.

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Seminars and webinars

We develop and reinforce our coaching programmes with an annual series of talks curated specifically for the working parent population of each client.

The talks give working parents the time and space to step back from the daily routine and develop a vision for the parent that they want to be and for the child that they want to raise. It is an opportunity to envision the bigger picture around working and parenting and lay the foundations for family life.

We have carefully chosen a handful of exceptional speakers and we have been working with each of them for years if not decades.

Some recent talks:

  • 21st Century Working Parents: Making It Work at Home and at Work

  • 21st Century Parenthood: How Mothers’ and Fathers’ Roles are Changing and How to Make the Most of This

  • Parenting in the Fast Lane: Balancing Bonding with Breadwinning

  • Guilt and the Working Parent – You Can Have One Without the Other

  • Seven Habits of Highly Resilient Working Parents

  • How Not to be a Perfect Working Parent – Why Good Enough is Good Enough

  • Back to Work Without a Bump/ Returning to Work After Family Leave

  • Post Natal Depression – Symptoms, Causes and Strategies

  • Transitioning to Parenthood – Preparing for what Lies Ahead

  • How Working Parents can Emerge Better and Stronger from the Covid 19 Pandemic

  • The Busy Trap and How to Conquer It

  • How to Make Hybrid and Flexible Working Work for You

  • Mindfulness: The Gamechanger in the Life of the Busy, Juggling, Striving Working Parent

  • The Best a Working Parent Can Do for Health, Work Performance and the Family is to Unwind and Sleep Well. How?

  • The Foundations of Strong, Happy Families – It Starts with Family Values

  • Making Memories: How do you Want Your Child to Remember You?

  • Building Strong and Sustainable Family Relationships

  • ‘Doing Our Best By Them’: Mothers and Fathers as a Parenting Team

  • What Every Parent Needs to Know About what Children Need to thrive

  • Bringing Out the Best in Your Children

  • Parenting the Demanding Generation

  • When Your Kids Push Your Buttons

  • Parenting for Perseverance and a ‘Can Do’ Attitude

  • ‘Mums and Dads Forever’: Co-Parenting After Separation

  • Preventing Mental Health Problems in Children

  • What you can do to Support the Mental Health of Children and Young People

  • Anxiety of the Brain, and Body. How to Change our Relationship to Anxiety

  • Building Emotional Resilience in Children and Families

  • Pursuing Excellence, Challenging Perfectionism

  • Should we Stress about stress?

  • An Overview of Healthy Sleep Strategies for Babies and Children

Our clients say that the work we do is transformational

With the right support, working parents can be the most motivated, resourced and ambitious leaders in your community.

Whether they are new parents, or at a later stage of parenthood but wanting to take on new and bigger work challenges, we work with them to unlock energy and potential.

With the right support, your organisation will benefit from:

  • Leaders energised by a meaningful vision for themselves and their organisations, courageous, expanded and impactful
  • Leaders who are more conscious, more deliberate and more effective with their time and resources
  • Leaders who use what they’ve learnt to transform the performance of their teams and act as inspiring role models for other working parents
  • Leaders who choose to stay with their organisations and accelerate

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