Sharon Charlton Thomson

Founder/Head of Coaching

Sharon has been an executive coach for over 20 years, winning awards for the work she has done. She was one of the first executive coaches in the UK. She is exceptionally well trained and experienced, both in therapy, mindfulness and coaching, and is responsible for the professional standards of TWPC. She brings depth and meaning to her coaching and clients and colleagues have said she is someone who can create the right space for hope, creativity, ambition and purpose to blossom.

Sharon oversees all the coaching at TWPC and is passionate about building a CPD community, committed to raising standards, challenge and growth. We take enormous care in selecting our coaching team. Our coaches have all come from leadership backgrounds. They have a minimum of ten years executive coaching experience and are pioneers and advocates of executive coaching for working parents.

You will not get an average coach if you work with us.

Professional Development:

  • Diploma Emotional Intelligence and Group therapy
  • MSc Family & Systemic psychotherapy
  • Master Practitioner NLP
  • Practitioner Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
  • Masters Executive Coaching
  • Trustee for the charity CACH ALL
  • Currently embarking on Post Qualifying Masters in Core process Psychotherapy & Mindfulness

I am committed and passionate about helping leaders find their best selves and live their best lives. I’m big on self awareness and helping clients know themselves and I think relationships are key – the ones we have with ourselves and those with others. We all have good days and bad days; it’s easy to be our best self when the going is good but what about when it’s not? I focus on how we expand so we can lean into life’s challenges and grow.

Known for:

  • Light and shade – working deeply AND having fun
  • Always looking for opportunities to learn and grow
  • Being a damn good mum (most of the time)
  • A little bit obsessed with leadership theory
  • Remarkable ability to get to the nub of the issue

Kerri Summers

Founder/Head of Client Services

Kerri founded our sister company The Parent Company in 1997 with the mission to provide intelligent, non-judgmental support and advice for working parents. She has consulted on working parent issues, diversity and retention of talent in a broad range of FTSE 100 companies. The Parent Company has helped thousands of working parents to thrive at work and at home, supporting the parent and the organisation alike via a range of innovative and industry-leading initiatives.

Kerri’s role is to know our clients; their challenges, their needs and their business objectives. She is passionate about building strong and enduring client relationships that allows TWPC to do its best work. Many of our clients have worked with us for over a decade and the consistency of their relationship with Kerri is often cited as one of the reasons for this.

Professional Development:

  • MBA (London Business School)
  • MSc Psychology (UEL) and member of the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • Volunteer Parent Gym Coach
  • Trustee for the charity Family Lives (link to Family Lives)
  • Researcher working with Great Ormond Street Hospital on supporting parents with a critically ill child.

My passion is supporting parents so that they can do the best for themselves and for their children. I see becoming a parent as an opportunity for growth personally and professionally but not all parents see it this way and can feel overwhelmed, under resourced and judged. All of my work is around sharing parenting tools, building self-awareness around what is driving parents’ behaviour and resourcing them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Known for:

  • An even temper and a sunny disposition. A ridiculously glass-half-full kind of woman
  • A thirst for knowledge and breakthrough ideas
  • Being a bonkers cat person
  • Proud mum of two almost-grown-up sons
  • Keeping my Aussie accent even after living in London for over 30 years

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