Who we work with

For over 20 years we have worked with clients from different sectors and of various shapes and sizes. The one thing in common is a passion to support working parents, to partner with us and to collaborate on transformational programmes that get results.

Here is a selection of the work. For reasons of confidentiality we do not match up the work with the client.

Executive coaching at board level for working mother

Executive maternity coaching at board level for a working mother with school aged children. Working in a complex organisational environment with many stakeholders and senior clients’ needs. Depth coaching to explore ‘leadership shape’, building capacities for bolder, bigger relationships, creating boundaries to support her leadership without compromise and strategies for building a stellar leadership reputation, platform and mindset. 12-month programme.

‘Working through pregnancy and beyond’ and ‘Returning to work well’ workshops

Quarterly rolling programme for over 10 years for a FTSE 100 company to support leavers and returners as they consider their exit and return to the workplace pre and post maternity leave and shared parental leave. The workshop boosts wellbeing, performance and productivity as well as building positive networks and communities of working parents in the organisation. We use a depth coaching approach to inspire, resource and support returning parents.

Fathers in the workplace conference partner

Collaborating with our professional partners at The Fatherhood Institute at a roundtable conference to share research on fathers in the workplace and consider evidence that they might hold the key to addressing the Gender Pay Gap. Peers discussed policy to support fathers and men intending to become fathers, ‘differential marketing’ of family-friendly policies for men, implications for management training and communication with fathers/potential fathers.

Internal Coaching network supervision and CPD

Supervising the work of an internal coaching network of 18 coaches in a rolling annual programme, blending a mix of professional supervision, peer supervision and CPD for ongoing coach training to meet needs of the coaches. We offer 6 workshops a year to both supervise and raise the quality of an internal coaching network.

12 month programme of seminars and clinics for working parents

Curated and delivered a 12 month programme of lunchtime seminars and walk in day clinics for working parents through the Families and Carers BRG (Business Resource Group). Over a one year period the range of talks meant there was something for everyone from those with young children through to adults, those with caring responsibilities and those requiring resources to personally thrive.

Award winning vision programme for leadership development

Vision programmes for senior working parents, to refresh and /or design personal and professional visions. Using proven methodology from the field of positive psychology, visioning techniques and strengths profiling tools. Award winning intervention for leadership development that produces meaningful breakthrough and strengths-based actions for clients.

Inclusive maternity coaching programme reaching all working mothers

Lead provider for all maternity coaching at a longstanding client and large investment bank. Our team of coaches are matched to coachee’s and provide a unique draw down system of coaching to meet demand when it is most needed.

Annual programme of support for returning parents in a global consulting firm

An annual programme of support for returning parents into the workplace for a leading global consulting firm using a mix of theory, coachee experience, group coaching and peer coaching cells we designed and delivered a 12-month programme that explored the expectations, assumptions and reality around being at work as a working parent and how to build sustainable and positive leadership and cultivate strong, meaningful ambition for the future.

Programme to train internal coaches in how to support working parents

Training internal coaches in ‘what’s different about coaching working parents’. Understanding the current landscape for working parents (whether you are one or not). Getting to grips with coaching through major life transitions, using the most empowering coaching language to prime for hope and how to work with best-self psychology. Working at depth, using genograms, understanding narratives, therapeutic versus coaching interventions – what works when. A 6-month programme supporting 8 internal coaches in group workshops.

1-to-1 Depth Coaching after parental leave

Executive 121 Depth Coaching for senior lawyer returning to work after first baby. Using depth coaching with a deep dive approach to look at identity, ‘who am I now’, energy and wellbeing, vision and transition, relationships, support, mindfulness and leadership. 5 month programme.

Coaching momentum programme

Coaching momentum programmes designed to continue to support senior leading working parents after an initial Depth Coaching programme. This programme was designed specifically for a regional director at risk of isolation and without a robust support network in place. Longer sessions delivered quarterly to keep the work alive and pulse progress for positive leadership, long term and create the networks and resources needed for self-leadership.

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