About our coaches

Our coaching team

Our coaches have all come from leadership backgrounds, They have a minimum of ten years executive coaching experience and are pioneers and advocates of executive coaching for working parents.

Some are also psychotherapeutically trained, some experts in women’s leadership and some have a depth of knowledge in working with families. We take great care in matching the right coach with the right client. The coaching relationship is critical for transformational work to happen.

Our coaches are thought leaders in leadership development and working parents and above all, they are all highly trained with a passion and commitment for further professional development. You cannot get a poor coach if you work with us.

Our coaches and facilitators are all part of a strong team of professional partners who form a powerful CPD community. We recognise that it’s not just about having an experienced team, it’s about keeping them and growing together every day. As a coaching company that’s part of our difference.

We are always excited to speak to experienced, impactful executive coaches and group facilitators. Strong commercial experience, a growth mindset, and psychological depth is essential, as is a minimum of ten years’ experience.

Please send your CV and supporting letter to sharon@theworkingparentcompany.co.uk

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