Success stories

Charlie Hurrell, MD, McGarry Bowen ad agency

“I worked with a coach from The Working Parent Co. in my previous company and because of the impact she had on me there, and how I managed others as a result, I am now being coached by the same person again in my new role as MD in a different company.”


“The difference between this coach and other coaches I have had is immeasurable; her coaching had a transformative effect on me personally and the things I learned from her also lead to a glorious trickle-down effect on the people I managed.

“What she does is very tangible. In contrast to other coaching where you walk away at the end and perhaps forget what you’ve talked about, or you can’t apply any of it in real life, the impact here hits as soon as you leave the room because it forces you to look at things differently. You step away from fascinating theory and things start to change immediately.

“What it absolutely isn’t is a therapy session. It’s about clarifying what you are doing and what you need to get on top of. My coach puts quite a lot of good pressure on you to work out the answers; she gets you thinking about when you’re most magnetic, when you’re energised, and how you can capture that more often. It’s powerful because it comes from you. It’s much harder work than any other coaching I’ve done and it is profound; the sessions are immediately very deep, there’s no messing around.”

Chris Bollinghaus, COO, Odgers Berndtson UK, global recruitment company

“We have had an executive coach from The Working Parent Co. here for two years, working with two people balancing the demands of work and home. Our coach brings an unusually high level of expertise and the right personal qualities for this role.


“It helps that she has a background in psychotherapy, which enables her to underpin her coaching qualifications with an additional and relevant academic context to everything she does.

“She brings a very high degree of empathy too. The two people who are being coached by her hold her in extremely high regard not just for her intelligence and perceptiveness but because she makes a lot of effort to relate to them personally. Because of this she is able to trigger a wholly different response from other coaches.

“She gets the balance right between empathy and challenge and, although our people would not say the coaching is an easy process, there is without question a discernible difference in both clients. They were both trying to balance complicated personal and professional lives in a way that tested their resilience and leadership qualities but in a short time – a couple of months – I saw them bringing the lessons they learned to the workplace and that has led to greater effectiveness without doubt.

Managing Partner, executive recruitment

“There are three prongs to this coaching. Firstly, my coach has enabled me as Leader to step back and assess how I lead in this company which is full of robust, independent individuals. She is fantastic at coaching me to manage confrontation.”


“She is brave and she gets me to open boxes I am reticent to open but she is always very supportive and positive. She has given me as Mother real tools and constructs to help me prioritise and above all has helped me be able to press Pause.

“She’s given me room to be completely transparent and honest with her. She has also given hugely of herself. She brings with her a huge amount of support and steering but a complete lack of judgement. It’s very rare.

“My coach has been a real asset to the whole company. They are paying for emotional resilience and a robust leader and that is a fantastic investment.”

Director, financial sector

“My coach was introduced to me by my employer as a maternity coach and her support was critical for me in returning to work in a sustainable manner; I was juggling a young child, long hours, exacting bosses and difficult clients.”


“Having an independent perspective has been extremely helpful for me, especially in my industry where there are so few senior female women. I found that speaking to somebody who has worked with senior women across a broad range of industries is very valuable.

“My coach has a very strong background and is very well educated in her field. The personal touch combined with the more scientific elements meant that I really believed in what she was saying.

“I would have left my role if I hadn’t had this support from my coach. Working with her gave me the confidence to know my boundaries, to let myself succeed and to believe in myself.