Around the globe leaders have spent the past few months facing one of the toughest leadership tests. If ever the phrase VUCA (the acronym for volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous nature of todays world) felt appropriate to use it is now.

With so many unknowns how do we lead through these times?

Some of the following foundations of emotional agility are now more important than ever when it comes to our leadership. We are coaching leaders to:

  1. Zoom out – widen your lens to take the broader view, to bring new perspective and activate hope and resilience
  2. Walk your why – let your behaviour reflect your purpose and your values and make daily choices that reflects what matters most to you
  3. Be open to change – navigate change with grit and perspective. Its inevitable, particularly at the moment, find your psychological flexibility when it comes to change
  4. Foster Connection – rally teams, employees, and families around a shared sense of purpose. Its not just ‘we are all in this together’ its also ‘we will all get through this together’’
  5. Clarify priorities and consciously decide where to give your time, energy and attention