Burnout is often a rolling edge of reality for working parents. Combining a demanding work life with caring for children is a big ask for all of the reasons you will know too well.

It’s also true that some of us maybe more wired for burnout than others. Consider the people pleaser, the perfectionist, the person who has to try hard constantly. In this way burnout can be the cumulative effect of many mini self-betrayals. Those mini moments where we betray our own values, goals and boundaries.

In our work we often describe these mini moments to clients as moments of turning away from yourself (most often to please another or to get a need met in ourselves). In those moments there is a choice to turn towards yourself, to the promises you made to yourself for example about boundaries.

In what ways can you notice these choices that often pass us by this week?

Our Leadership Visions days are designed to do just this; to help you think longer term, create an individual, team, family vision that has purpose and meaning for you.

Email hello@theworkingparentcompany.co.uk to ask us about our Leadership Vision days today. They are specifically designed for working parents who want to prioritise the long game for their own transformational success.