Oxytocin, otherwise known as ‘the love hormone’, is a small brain chemical that has some very big jobs. 

Oxytocin has been coined the “love hormone” for good reason—you know those warm and fuzzy feelings you get when you cuddle a puppy, hug a friend, or kiss your partner? That’s oxytocin at work.

It gets its glowing reputation as it helps us to bond through openness, trust, and generosity.

Some amazing studies have shown that when given to men via a nasal spray oxytocin motivated them to share emotions about difficulty. 

Sharon Charlton-Thomson “For me the fact I love about oxytocin is the 14 second hug. Apparently 14 seconds is what it takes for oxytocin to start flowing and give us that warm fuzzy feeling. My kids know all too well when mum is coming in for a 14 second hug as I start a ‘one elephant, two elephant….’ mantra. These days they tend to run for cover, they are teens!”

But on Valentine’s Day to get our 14 second hugs from our loved ones goes a long way to relieve low mood, pain and encourage connection and love and warmth. All of the qualities that, in turn, help to regulate our nervous systems.

After the last few years I reckon we could all do with a bit of that!