Before you jump into the hustle and bustle of another 12 months of your life, why not take a little time to slow down and reflect?

A pen, paper, and a quiet space with no distractions are all you need.

The 110-Year-Old You

Tal Ben-Shahar, a leader in the field of positive psychology, tells us that we already have within us all of the wisdom we need to face the challenges in our life.

To tap into that wisdom that we already have, Tal shares the following helpful exercise.

Imagine meeting your 90 year old you, in full health reflecting on the life you have led.

You and your future self only have 30 minutes together. What truths, advice, and lessons would your 90 year-old-self share with you?

And if you only had 10 minutes together? What would your future self tell you then?

And if you only had 60 seconds!? What then?

Get out your pen and a journal or a notebook, sit down, and write down these questions and your responses.

And then, what seeds do I need to be planting over the next year if I listen to my elders advice.

It is always helpful to listen to our elders.

Happy New Year,

From The Working Parent Company