So many of us try to do too much in the time that we have. One of the most useful ways to think about time is to ask this simple question – what is it that only I can do? Only I can deliver genuine praise to my colleagues, and only I can do parents evening, but there are so many things that I might pick up, out of habit, speed, lack of trust and fear of missing out that others could do.

By identifying the areas where we are the only person who can do this, and the areas where outsourcing or sharing means the job can be done just as well, we change the way we prioritise and use our time.

This evening as you wind down (hopefully) from your day create a page divided into two columns: “Only I can do this” and “Someone else could do this”. Think about what you have done today and write these in one of the columns.

For the working parents we coach, this insight can be a game changer. If we focus our time on the things that only we can do we will have more time, more energy, more confidence, and more productivity.

*These words were produced for our Advent Calendar in December 2020.