Careers are a long game and so is parenting. Yet in both spheres we often choose short term wins at the expense of long term gain.

In the working sphere the short game might mean making short term career decisions that compound over time and limit long term options. The long game is thinking like a chess master who can see the current tricky situation, for example childcare challenges and exhaustion, but is thinking strategically three or four moves ahead. For working parents it can mean making sacrifices in the short term in service of a longer term vision.

In the parenting sphere the short game is getting mired in the day to day and losing sight of the big picture to bring up a self-sufficient human with whom I have a strong and loving relationship. If we consider our daily actions within this vision it drives behaviour and gives perspective on the daily struggles. Maybe getting out of the house with matching socks is less important than the conversation with your three year old on why they prefer a blue and a red sock.

When making decisions about the family and the future put on a 2 year, 5 year and 25 year lens. How old will everyone in the family be then, what will they be doing and what do I want to be doing?

*These words were produced for our Advent Calendar in December 2020.