Our sister company, The Parent Company has been working with Family Networks for over 20 years delivering thousands of talks on everything in the parenting cycle from being pregnant at work to caring for elderly relatives. The talks have always gone down well and yet it is clear that whilst they are a valued source of information, on their own they are not going to fix the system in which working parents operate.

Furthermore as these talks have moved online and lost some of their interactivity we have diminished the key benefits they offer. The opportunity to foster connections and normalise conversations about being a working parent in this company and at this time. The opportunity to see that we are a not alone in our challenges. The opportunity for the organisation to listen and learn about what working parents need to thrive.

ERGs are a gateway to more meaningful and sustainable support not an end in themselves. The talks may sensitise working parents to what is possible and grow their self-awareness but they are not a substitute for mentoring, manager training, showcasing role models, strong leadership and supportive HR policy.

Most importantly, it is support for working parents through specialised coaching that elevates all of this into something more sustainable and contagious (in a good way!). Find out more about our coaching services.