We are recommending this 4-minute ditty from The University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre called Changing Modes After Work.

We often remind our coaching clients that the single most effective way to refresh mental energy and reduce the toll of disruptions, temptation and distraction is to mentally disconnect from work when you are away from your job. This short mindfulness practice does just that, helping us to transition from a busy working day fulfilling tasks with focused concentration to reconnecting to the home to be more open and receptive to family and friends in person or virtually.

When we don’t have the daily commute and when boundaries to the working day are stretched due to virtual working it takes a conscious effort to shift gears.

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre engages in scientific research into mindfulness and also teach the techniques and attitudes of mindfulness. Every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. GMT they offer a free one hour online practice attended by hundreds of people and their website has many other resources for those wishing to explore further.