The future of work is high on the agenda of most senior leadership teams right now. What will the workplace look like after the pandemic? We are encouraging our clients to think about the space between now and pandemic over. Use this in-between space to lay foundations and test ideas.  

Right now we are seeing crisis working being confused with agile working. We are seeing well established workplace practices previously used for ‘in the office building together’ transplanted on to home working. The result is endless meetings, multiple real time chats and the necessity to be seen.

What if we use the next six months not assuming that we are all working at the same time, not assuming that we are available to each other at all times? What if we made space for quiet, thoughtful work? What if we made time for flow?

For working parents this is a chance to end the misalignment between the parent day and the work day. The school gap between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM for example is hard for working parents. Why can’t they take some of this time off with impunity and make up for the time elsewhere in their day?  

This is what the future of works looks like to me, and we have the opportunity over the next six months to experiment with agile working as opposed to ‘working from the office whilst still at home’.

What would you like to lay the foundations for over the next 6 months?