“My kids are not properly back to school for another two weeks, we don’t know yet if school buses will run and everything seem to be up in the air – it’s a right old shambles”

For working parents and their employers who were banking on things being ‘back to normal’ next week when kids go back to school, this Forbes article will be an interesting 3 minute read. “Your working parents are functioning in a heightened time of stress, with little concrete knowledge about what the next months will bring. Their mental space is likely on overload, even if you can’t see it.” it says.

Every working parent will have different challenges depending on the ages and special needs of their children, support networks at home and the school district. Let them know you are open to flexibility on normal business hours as they may have the expectation that this no longer applies now that kids are back at school. Communicate with them now to check in on their situation and then frequently as the landscape changes from day to day and week to week.

You can’t solve your working parents childcare and schooling problems but you can create a supportive workplace that makes it easier for them to solve their own problems.

See the Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2020/08/10/want-productive-working-parents-during-the-pandemic-help-them-cope-with-school-reopening-plans/#156571346b0a