In our latest podcast for working parents trying to juggle work and family life, we spoke to Charlie Warshawski about growth mindset and how to cultivate it in ourselves and our children.

The podcast got me thinking about the positive mindset shifts we might see in the workplace as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There will have been many managers and senior leaders with fixed beliefs about their team working flexibly and working from home. No matter what the evidence tells us about the benefits of these working practices there were always those intransigent few, and in some businesses intransigent many, who would not entertain the idea. Their ideas were fixed, ideas such as people need to be present at all times, people need to be available at all times, and it is easier to manage somebody when they are in the room.

As a result of the pandemic these managers and senior leaders have been exposed to new working practices and have seen that in most cases the outcomes they expected did not occur. Relationships with colleagues and clients did not break down, communication with the team has been enhanced in many cases and the work is getting done. We are hearing about mindset shifts from managers and senior leaders who were opposed to flexibility now opening up to the idea and accepting it as the new normal. Those who did not entertain these ideas once are now incorporating them into their new mindset narrative.

Those managers and senior leaders who were not prepared to try because they were so sure that it would not work for the business or the team, or would make it harder for them to manage and lead, now have evidence that it does work and it is not harder for them. Those managers and senior leaders can’t go back. There is no going back. That is why we talk about the new normal.

The podcast with Charlie Warshawski can be found here: