With the kids back at school did we really think that working parents would send them on their way with a sigh of relief and then get back to work as usual?

The working parents that we have been talking to this week are just beginning to process what they have been through since schools and childcare closed their doors in March. They have been hit hard, carrying the fear and uncertainty and disruption for themselves and their children, and have held it together because they had no choice.

Inevitably the exhaustion and stress they have been fighting off is now hitting like a tonne of bricks. After being in survival mode for a prolonged period of time, some are describing extreme fatigue, feelings of emptiness, of listlessness and a lack of motivation. All words that are often used to describe burnout. 

Working parents are used to stress, to the juggle, to chasing the unforgiving minute but the addition of multiple new stressors all at once in the last 6 months has been particularly overwhelming. In our coaching sessions we are talking to working parents about positive resilience, courageous conversations, meaningful boundaries and radical self care. We are talking about instigating conversations with their employers that will need to be proactive, focusing on increasing communication, exhibiting compassion and allowing flexibility.

Working parents are remarkable . They can be the most motivated, loyal and ambitious leaders in your community. They just need some attention right now.

Are you hearing stories like these from your working parents? As a working parent what is your experience so far this September?