If there has been one common theme of our advent calendar this year it is that we all need downtime, refresh time, reboot time. This serves our mental and physical health and also makes us smarter at life and at work.

Give yourself a break as a gift this Christmas. Here are some of our advent calendar posts to inspire.

Day 7: Intense single tasking

Day 9: Sharpen the saw. Why pausing, refuelling and reflecting makes us smarter

Day 11: Swap your ‘to do’ list for you ‘to stop’ list

Day 19: This Christmas can you psychologically detach?

Day 20: Do you know what settles you

Say 21: Work like a lion (not a dog)

Day 22: Busy is not a badge of honour

We will be following our own advice and closing for some well earned human maintenance.

*These words were produced for our Advent Calendar in December 2020.