Much of the work we see to support working parents focuses on new parents or parents of very young children, but being a working parent doesn’t end there. Never has this been more apparent than during the pandemic and as we emerge from it.

Whilst coaching parents transitioning back to work after leave is a significant part of what we do, we encourage our clients to remember:

  • The parents of school aged children and older.
  • The parents who have particular challenges at home such as a child with special needs or a child with physical or mental health issues.
  • The parents at different stages of the parenting life cycle who are at risk of leaving the business because they cannot see a way to make it work for them at work and at home.
  • The parents who are lined up for, or stepping into, a new and expanded role that requires more capacity for the work.

What drives us is a wider vision of supporting parents through the parenting lifecycle to raise the next generations well, whilst thriving themselves.