Our brains are like our own internal meerkat wired and hyper-vigilant for threats. When we perceive constant danger we are in state of constant tension and unease. A good description of 2020 for many.

Do you know what you can do to calm and settle yourself?

For some it is that feeling you get cosy in a warm bed or watching a much loved movie in your favourite spot on the sofa. For others it might be cuddling your child as they snuggle in to you, or a call with a dear friend. Perhaps you listen to a breathing or meditation app?

Settled. Easy. Safe

If you look back over the weekend, did anything help you to rest and settle in your own skin? What things let you know that deep down you are OK? Can you build these settling spaces into your day as micro habits?

*These words were produced for our Advent Calendar in December 2020.